Product Features

We update our airbnb clone with all latest features and integratios regularly. We didnt mention some of the features here. But you can experience the features in the demo.

Awesome Features

Airbnb Clone Features

We update our airbnb clone with all latest features and integratios regularly. We didnt mention some of the features here. But you can experience the features in the demo.

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Google Map Integration

With the aid of convenient tool the traveller or passenger tracks the appropriate location of a host by using Google map Integration facilities. Easily you can get the property location.

Currency Conversion

We have successfully integrated the Currency Conversion Option. User can easily convert the property value as per their needs. It supports USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, and SUD.

Payment Gateway

We have especially integrated PayPal as the payment Gateway integration. If you want some payment gateway, we can provide it as per your needs.

SEO – Friendly

Our script is the most efficient airbnb clone. It is user-friendly as well as SEO Friendly. Each and every element for SEO is present in our software, to enhance online traffic to your site

Page Speed

The software page load speed is very quick. Not wait for long time. Easily you can get more traffic to the website.

Properties Management

Our expert technical team will set up the deal software in your domain free of cost within
24 hours.

Language Support

Our Airbnb Clone is capable of running in any region, If you want to add more language, Our support team will help you!!!

Property Booking

This is a dynamic feature of rental booking script. Tourists can easily reserve their own preferred rental space by using this property booking feature.

E-Mail Templates

Along with oven-ready email layouts, a special function, assists admin to alert his customers faultlessly. Hence making conversation easy and convenient, efficiently via e-mail templates.

Social Network Connections

Now a days social sharing plays a vital role. Claydip formulated a simple and powerful feature, social login connectivity. Easily you can connect with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Yahoo, etc.

Host Services Fee

Obtaining a commission from the host account for their listed property booked. Along with the support of this service fee, earning money has never been this simple before out of your Airbnb clone script.

Integrated Google Analytics

Just for an internet business, it really is more vital for an administrative to understand the position as well as ratings of their domain in the network, and after that simply they are able to assess the website position as well as react properly

Pre-Launch Mode

Admin can easily sustain their website along with a pre- launch function. Simply by gathering the get in touch with mail ids as well as info, this kind of function assists them support admin to alert his end users, when the website will get completely ready.

Have any Questions?

Got any custom requirements to be integrated. Contact us with the details and we will develop it for you

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Admin Dashboard

Admin panel can easily manage the properties listed in the Airbnb clone script. It contains very easy and simple to use!!!

Property Ratings

Customers can show ratings of their properties in the airbnb clone website. This will provide a very clear image for the travellers to understand regarding each and every property as well as would assist them to find the one that matches their own specifications

Apache As Well As Nginx Engine

It is just a graphical user interface that allows you to display as well as calculate the site efficiency along with an in depth pictorial representation. Therefore, allowing the admin to see website activities, through the definite chart data, through which he can enhance his website performance potently.